Ensemble ICC Recordings // Ben McHugh

Didn't get to our Ensemble ICC concert in the National Concert Hall on August 15th?

No fear! We have recordings of all pieces from the night.

Composer Ben McHugh's piece 'about...' was on the programme.

‘About…’ is the first piece of a larger series of five based on Lexical Concepts derived from nocturnal utterances, that is to say from sleep talking. Each word was given a harmonic spectrum of the first 16 partials and an idea fused with the word, this was also used to define the form and character of each section, five works split into five parts with spectra and lexicographically derived character divvied among each instrument, resulting in a full work of 25 sections. And each instrument inhabiting a specific character or spectral world. The interaction and differences highlight common partials between spectra and a spectral meeting was sought after in these sections. The full phrase is/was: ‘About, about, stay, something, something.’
— Ben McHugh 2014

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