Sherry Hazlett

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Sherry Hazlett is a 23-year old composer from Bangor, Northern Ireland. She has achieved Grade 8 certificates in voice and piano as well as a Grade 7 certificate in violin. She graduated in Music from Trinity College Dublin with the Gerard Victory Prize for Composition and has recently submitted her Masters portfolio in composition, also at Trinity College Dublin. She has participated in several musical groups, including the Campanile Consort, Trinity Singers, Boydell Singers, Trinity Orchestra and the Trinity Chapel Choir as a choral scholar. Her work has been performed by the Node Ensemble, Ensemble Avalon and the Trinity Singers as well as by some close friends. Sherry presently sings as a choral scholar at St Patrick’s Cathedral and in The Mornington Singers. Sherry’s music is heavily based on biblical text and strives to offer a new and fresh expression of Christianity.