Raeghnya Zutshi

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Growing up in Singapore, Raeghnya started playing the piano while in primary school, and was introduced to the world of choral singing soon after. She has been heavily involved in music throughout recent years, composing for the NODE Ensemble and the Boydell Singers within Trinity College, conducting the Boydell Singers and acting Chairperson of Trinity College Singers. Her experience with choirs has been extensive, singing with Trinity and Boydell Singers, The Mornington Singers, New Dublin Voices, The Campanile Consort and the more recently established Irish Youth Chamber Choir. This vast involvement in choral music has led her to focus on composing for choral settings, a project that has kept her occupied over recent years. She has an interest in programmatic music, paying close attention to minimalistic ideas that are developed and expanded upon over longer durations. Having grown up in Singapore, India, Malaysia, USA and Ireland, She has developed an interest in fusing many different musical styles from around the world, a feature incorporated within several of my compositions.