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Vocal Mentorship Scheme 2018
We are currently inviting applicants interested in performing contemporary vocal music to apply for mentorship from three exceptional Irish artists: Michelle O'Rourke, Elizabeth Hilliard, and Andrew Gavin.

Successful applicants will receive mentor sessions from one of the artists, and will collaborate with composers from the ICC in the creation of new contemporary vocal works. During this process they will have two pieces written for them - one solo work and one duet. At the end of a five-month period they will perform these new works alongside their mentor.

There are four scheduled events throughout the process. An initial public workshop and masterclass with the mentor, mentee and composers. This event will be 3 hours and divided into two parts. The first half will act as a masterclass and demonstration for the composers to gain an insight into the voice as an instrument and the individual voices that they will be writing for. The second half will be directed towards composers: how to write for voice, do's and don'ts, performers' preferences, questions and dialogue. 

The second event is an informal meeting between the composers and the two performers (mentor and mentee). This meeting serves to encourage dialogue and collaboration between composers and performers. The composers will bring their initial sketches to begin the discussion. 

A final public workshop will take place before the concert in which the two performers (mentor and mentee) will perform the finished pieces. This is an opportunity for the composers to hear the finished pieces before the concert, give suggestions and make minor adjustments.

The process concludes with a performance of the new works.

To apply
Submit a statement of interest, CV, and recording of previous work to by 5pm, Sunday January 14th.

Please email if you require further information.