Kim V Porcelli

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Kim V Porcelli is a performer-composer, cellist, multi-instrumentalist, theatre-maker and writer. She has collaborated with some of Ireland’s most celebrated theatre companies and artists, including Brokentalkers (‘The Blue Boy’, ‘Silver Stars’), Anu (‘World’s End Lane’) and Sean Millar (‘The Last 10 Years’). Much of her composed work is for theatre and dance. In 2014 she co-composed a dance score for an in-development performance of ‘The Night of the Big Wind’ (Claffey-Christofi Dance) at the Dublin Dance Festival; she wrote a suite of a cappella ensemble music in the Sacred Harp style for a production of ‘Electra’ by playwright Nick Payne; and she created and performed music for cello, voice and loop pedal for the children’s storytelling show ‘The Vampire With No Teeth (And Other Stories)’ at the 2014 Bram Stoker Festival.

She received a master’s degree in Music Composition from Trinity College in April of 2014. 

As a performer-composer, many of her own pieces feature organically layered and looped cello, which she creates in studio and performs herself. She also creates large-scale choral works and works for percussion. She also writes for many other instruments and ensembles.

She is an alumna of multi-disciplinary residency The Next Stage 2013 in cooperation with the Dublin Theatre Festival.