InSight #1 Adrian Mantu & Mihai Cucu


Irish Composers' Collective and Tonnta Music are proud to present the first installment of InSight, the four-part concert series bringing together the aural and the visual. 

InSight #1 Adrian Mantu and Mihai Cucu
Main Space, Smock Alley Theatre
14th March 8pm

Cellist Adrian Mantu performs five new works for solo cello from members of ICC and visual artist Mihai Cucu creates responsive artwork to each new work.
These five works represent the five senses and in response, Adrian and Mihai curate one Irish, one European and one universal piece:
Anne-Marie O'Farrell "In Mary’s Eye" 
Giovanni Sollima "Lamentatio"
Hamza El Din "Escalay. The Water Wheel"

Cello (pre-recorded and electric): Adrian Mantu
Visuals: Mihai Cucu
Composers: Natasa Paulberg, Elliot Murphy, Daniel Barkley, Maria Minguella, Jenn Kirby

Standard: €14; Student/concession: €12. 
Available here.

Exclusively for the month of February we are offering Special Series Pass tickets for €40 (€10 per concert)
Available here.


about InSight // 

Smock Alley Theatre plays host to four evenings of the aural and the visual, brought together. From March to July 2016, InSight showcases 20 new musical works presented with visual interpretations, including dance, animation, projection, and simply, the physical body in space. 
Brought to you by the Irish Composers' Collective, Tonnta Music and Smock Alley Theatre, with grant aid from Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council. 

Co-producers: Robbie Blake and Sorcha Coller
PR: Conleth Teevan
Graphic Designer: Ena Brennan
Social Media Officer: Kilian O'Kelly
Photographer: Ste Murray