Modern Sounds with ICC

weekly radio show on Dublin City FM 


Launched in October 2015, ICC bring a weekly radio show. Airing every Monday at 11.30 AM on 103.2 Dublin City FM, it features recordings from past concerts, interviews with ICC members, performers from our concerts along with plethora of information on ICC and our upcoming events.

Meet the presenter // Aran O'Grady

Aran O'Grady is a composer studying in the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He is interested in many kinds of music; Classical, Jazz, Rock and EDM. He grew up listening to Lyric FM and is excited to be presenting music from both known and unknown composers in an original and upbeat way.


Past Shows 

30/11/2015: 'All things Wind'

23/11/2015: Review of ICC10 Festival with Kirkos Ensemble performances.

16/11/2015: Robinson Panoramic Quartet' concert from February 3rd of last year!

09/11/2015: Preview show for 'ICC Takeover'.

02/11/2015: A Series of Violin Works

19/10/2015: Organ Works (Donnacha Dennehy, Ryan Molloy and Steve Reich)

12/10/2015: Piano Trio and Solo Piano works (David Collier, Sebastian Adams, Leonard Bernstein and Philip Martin)