Galen Mac Cába

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Galen Mac Cába is an Irish composer based in Dublin. He first studied composition at the University of Virginia. He is now a student at Trinity College Dublin and a member of the Irish Composers’ Collective. His music has been performed in several venues in Dublin, including the National Concert Hall and the Contemporary Music Centre.

Galen is keenly interested in algorithmic processes and in encouraging audience participation in his work. He also enjoys exploring a variety of musical languages, including older tonal idioms. For Galen, composition is driven by two basic impulses: building and communicating. His writes music to create structure and to share meaning with others. All other aspects of his work flow from this drive.

Galen also enjoys performing the music of others. He sings occasionally in Trinity College’s Chapel Choir and has performed electronic music with the Dublin Laptop Orchestra. He was a member of two different rock bands in Dublin and often threatens his bandmates with reunion gigs. He likes to play piano as well.