Darragh Kelly


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Darragh Kelly is a Dublin-based composer. He is currently a student of music and composition in Trinity College Dublin, graduating in 2017.

His compositional praxis has developed speedily in the past year, resulting in his first substantial works, revealing a critical engagement with post-tonal and serialist theory and philosophy. Several works thus far have also attempted to renegotiate issues of form, theme, and identity, both compositionally and perceptually, in a post-serial context; in one instance combining such a rubric with a psychogeographical, situationist paratext in The Revolution of Everyday Music.

His music philosophy and compositional interests can, thus, be considered indivisible, most recently taking in issues concerning the end of musical material progress and the rise of conceptual or post-conceptual music.

He is the Music Editor for tn2, Trinity News’s art publication and the country’s most-read student magazine.