Ciaran McGrath

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Ciaran is from the city of Lisburn in Northern Ireland. He is a well known and popular guitar tutor in the area who has seen many hundreds of pupils come and go during his 14 years of teaching.

He is an experienced guitarist with 23 years playing experience under his belt. His life as a composer began at the age of 16 writing heavy metal pieces for bedroom bands and progressed onto writing classical guitar music in classical and contemporary styles, singer-songwriter pieces, electronica and experimental digital music.

He would say his primary influence is J.S Bach although that may not show in his music often. His tastes reach far and wide from Flamenco and Latin music, ethnic music of the eastern world and Africa to the electro-pop of the 80’s, admittedly a personal favourite.

Ciaran believes music is to be loved for what it is, an expression of the free self and of pure enjoyment and self-discovery. Although he favours certain kinds of music over others he does not shun or berate any genres of music. To him it is art, pure and simple.