interested in becoming a member?

If you're interested in joining the Irish Composers Collective please send the following to

  • biography (composition, performance or otherwise)
  • two scores ( preferably computer-notated)*

Applications are considered at general meetings twice a year.

Next general meeting: August 2017

* Recently the ICC has received successful applications from electronic artists who will be catered to
for concerts that are applicable to their particular skill sets.

what happens once you become a member?

  • The phone number, email address and general area of residence is required of each member.  

  • ICC membership costs €70 per year (€60 per year for students). As we are essentially a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the
    memberships to keep the Collective running squeaky clean. However we are as accommodating as we can for members who sometimes struggle to pay fees.
  • The composer selection for each of our concert is done by picking names out of a hat. This is to ensure that all members regardless of standard or experience have an equal chance to be picked for a concert.
  • If your name is picked from the hat, you will be able to submit a piece for that concert.  You'll also be asked to help out a little bit with the running of the concert. While composing, if you want to contact the performer(s) or seek assistance, please ask the ICC committee. Warning: If you are chosen to write for a concert, but fail to submit your piece before the given deadline, you may be excluded from the hat for a 6 month period.
  • Monthly ICC meetings involving all members are held to discuss past, current, future events and any other business.
  • You can attend one ICC concert for free! Just make sure you email our chairperson beforehand to let him know.

  • We have a closed FB group for our members. Please follow this link and request to join to keep up to date with all our goings on!